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LIVING SPACES & WORKING SPACES. Global Danish Architecture #6 

Global Danish Architecture #6 Living Spaces & Working Spaces focuses on different kinds of living and working spaces. It presents a broad mixture of different and completely new dwellings, including villas, terraced houses, and apartments of various types. In addition, it also features several buildings with different kinds of working spaces: buildings made for working life, small and large office spaces and various other types of workspace.
The architecture covers some of the newest and best projects coming out of Danish architectural studios. It includes both projects developed in Denmark and also in the rest of the world. All projects are either 1st prize competition projects which are under construction or architecture that has recently been erected.

The architecture shown in this book feature some of the latest buildings for living and working made by:

- aarhus arkitekterne
- Arkitema Architects
- bayarch
- BiG
- C.F. Møller Architects
- Creo Arkitekter
- Christian Carlsen Arkitektfirma
- Christensen & Co Arkitekter
- Dissing+weitling Architecture
- Entasis
- GPP Architects
- Henning Larsen Architects
- Holscher Arkitekter
- jaja Architects
- Marianne ibler Arkitektur
- Martin Kallesø Arkitekter
- KPF Arkitekter
- PLH Architects
- Ravn Arkitektur
- Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects 

• Essay by Rick Bell, architect, Director at AIANY
• Essay by Robert McCarter, architect, professor
• Interview with Torben Nielsen, architect, dean of Aarhus School of Architecture

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