LAYOUT NOW. The Arrangement of Text & Graphics

Layout design plays an active part in almost all forms of graphic design, covering newspaper, books, magazines, brochures, posters, web page and so on. This book breaks down layout basics and principles, with a stress on grids-based approaches. It also features a range of outstanding design cases with deconstructed layouts by grid system or color blocks, giving a wide perspective on the methods in print design.

CHAPTER 1: Layout Basics and Principles—Paper Sizes, Typographical Measurement System, Typeface, Page Elements, Canon of Page Construction, and Grid.

CHAPTER 2: Case Study—Layout design works with diagrams of grid and color blocks.

Selling Points:

  • A detailed interpretation of the layout basics, from paper sizes to grid systems.
  • A selection of layout design projects illustrated with grids and color blocks, analyzing the visual elements and the proportion of text and graphics.
  • Designers sharing their visual goals and viewpoints on grids

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