LA CITE' DU VIN. XTU Architects

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LA CITE' DU VIN. XTU Architects


di Frédéric Migayrou

Located in the Bordeaux region, La Cité du Vin stands out with its bold curves and shape, a landmark of viticulture. With this project, Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières of XTU Architects defined a singular approach, a questioning of the meaning of wine, its origins, and the development of its cultural identity. Between the quay and the former industrial zone of Bordeaux, the building is clearly legible within the city, its double skin a screen upon which the interplay of light and water and a diversity of atmospheres are continuously projected. This richly illustrated monograph presents the project’s progression from design concept through construction to completion.

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Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9782373820027