JUNK TYPE. Typography - Lettering - Badges - Logos

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JUNK TYPE. Typography - Lettering - Badges - Logos


di Bill Rose

A graphic Compendium of Vintage American Design and Typography

Junk Type is a project driven by the passion of one man to document a disappearing aspect of American culture. Bill Rose—aka Recapturist—is a photographer and designer who has spent the last decade traveling across America looking for junkyards, yard sales, antique stores, and other unlikely sources of inspiration to capture examples of postwar American typography and design before they’re lost forever.

Bringing together more than 400 images, this invaluable book is a visual history of postwar America, told through the distinct typography, icons, badges, and branding of the country’s industrial heritage. From Art Deco–inspired fonts and unique handmade cursive lettering to illustrated insignia and clean graphic logos bearing the influence of European design of the 1960s, these pictures together represent an encyclopedic reference of creative typefaces and graphics.

With each photograph representing just a detail—an embossed logo, a specially created icon, or an advertising slogan—this book captures the optimism and pragmatism of a golden age of American industrial creativity and distills it into a charming resource for anyone with an eye (or nostalgia) for vintage design.

> Bill Rose is a photographer who documents vintage Americana through his successful website Recapturist. Based in Minneapolis, he travels the country and specializes in neon signs and the typography and logo design of vintage American industrial objects.

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