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di Clifford Pearson


  • First monograph of Johnsen Schmaling’s critically acclaimed work
  • Eight of the thirteen projects featured in-depth in the book have not been published before
  • Geared towards design professionals and a general audience alike, the book combines beautiful, engaging project photography with fascinating drawings and accessible imagery that document Johnsen Schmaling’s ideas generation and elaborate design process
  • With a focus on Johnsen Schmaling’s award-winning contemporary homes, the book offers a unique perspective on innovative residential design in both urban and rural locales
  • The carefully designed layout and crisp graphics of the book make it a work of art in its own right 

In a world that fetishises aesthetic frivolity and iconographic bombast at the expense of substance and nuance, the critically acclaimed work of Johnsen Schmaling Architects stands out for its conceptual rigor, profound simplicity, and quiet repose. Formally restrained and informed by innovative tectonic and material experimentations, Johnsen Schmaling’s precisely crafted architecture creates poetic atmospheres of enduring clarity.

Johnsen Schmaling: On Rigor is the firm’s first monograph and provides an in-depth look at thirteen seminal residential and commercial projects. The book reveals how the architects’ unique reading of context and cultural memory translates into an abstract palette of architectural operations that guide the entire design process, from initial concepts to intricate, meticulously detailed material assemblies.The crisply designed book features beautiful photography and delightful graphics that Illustrate how the projects came to life.

Clifford Pearson is a writer and editor who covers architecture, urbanism, and culture. He served as deputy editor-in-chief and senior editor at Architectural Record for 26 years and was the director of the University of Southern California’s American Academy in China. In 2004 and 2006, he was co-curator of the US Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. He holds degrees in Architectural History from Columbia University and in Urban Studies from Cornell.
> Johnsen Schmaling is widely recognised as an important voice in contemporary American architecture. The studio’s projects have garnered broad critical acclaim for their conceptual rigor, serene simplicity, and an unequivocal commitment to architectural innovation and environmental sustainability. Johnsen Schmaling received the Emerging Voices award from the Architectural League of New York and was featured in Architectural Record as an “exceptional global architecture firm to watch,” while Architectural Digest named Johnsen Schmaling one of “Ten Rising Stars in American Architecture.” The founding partners, Brian Johnsen and Sebastian Schmaling both teach design at the University of Wisconsin and regularly lecture on their work in the United States and abroad.

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