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a cura di Henry Urbach - Cristina Steingräber

A complete Survey of the Work of J. Mayer H., whose very first Building won them the coveted Mies van der Rohe Emerging Architect Prize in 2003

J. MAYER H. Architects, founded in Berlin in 1996 by Jürgen Mayer H., has won a number of awards for their extraordinary work. In recent years, they have created a furor with attention-getting buildings such as the new commons for the Universität Karlsruhe or the AdA1 offices in Hamburg . In particular, Metropol Parasol, a gigantic structure for the market place in the heart of old Seville , has made J. MAYER H. Architects one of the offices most discussed by architecture critics.
Edited by Henry Urbach and Cristina Steingräber, this is the first book to present the entire oeuvre of J. MAYER H., starting with research and moving through design to project development, and culminating in the actual building itself. A number of renowned authors, such as Rolf Fehlbaum, Andres Lepik, John Paul Ricco, Ilka und Andreas Ruby, Felicity D. Scott, Henry Urbach, und Philip Ursprung take a variety of approaches toward positioning the office’s work in today’s international architecture scene. (German Edition ISBN 9783775722223)

> Exhibition schedule: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art  (February – May 2009)

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