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di François Hannes

INTERIOR ONE. Francois Hannes

François Hannes is passionate and driven by beauty. He loves the good life. He thrives on the tranquillity of a landscape and nature, but finds the dynamics of the urban environment equally inspiring. Uncompromising in his designs, he aims for extremes and these are a feature of his highly individual and original work. His designs are calm and thoughtful and the different elements seem to naturally co-exist. They are exciting and bold, creating inspiring interiors with unique style and flair.

Hannes's style of working and design is increasingly recognised and respected both nationally and internationally. His creativity, focus, drive and architectural insight make him a first-class designer. Sennah Studio designs and creates interiors where living well and finding enjoyment in personalised comfort are paramount.

- Photography by Alfons Lenders

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Lingua: GB-NL
Anno: 2014

ISBN: 9789058564726