INTERIOR DESIGN. Planning to Succeed

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INTERIOR DESIGN. Planning to Succeed

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di Ministry of Design (MOD)

INTERIOR DESIGN. Planning to Succeed: A Concise Guide with Before-and-After Illustrations

  • Includes pertinent analysis of interior design projects, including the detail of the functional area and flow
  • Covers a wide range of projects, from commercial spaces to large and luxurious residences
  • Richly illustrated with photographs of the final interior design
  • Contains before and after plans for readers to clearly understand the improvements
  • Invaluable guide and reference for students of interior design

Covering a diverse range of typologies, this book provides a detailed analysis of different interior design projects, guiding the reader through the development of each design. Complete with before and after plans and laden with glossy photographs to illustrate the end result, this book forms an important go-to guide for students of interior design. Each project includes an informative discussion and also an analysis of the functional areas of the interior space, and the decision-making process behind how the placement of furniture and establishment of walking flow was made. With insights from world-famous interior designers, this book forms a valuable reference and source guide for any students of interior design.

Ministry of Design (MOD) is an integrated architectural, interior design, and branding firm that has won Singapore’s President’s Design Award twice, and New York’s Gold Key Award three times. It was named Designer of the Year by International Design Awards (USA), and has been featured in Wallpaper, Frame and Surface . Created by Colin Seah to question convention and redefine the spaces, forms, and experiences that surround us, MOD’s explorations are created amid a democratic studio-like atmosphere and progress seamlessly between form, site, object, and space.

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