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di Markus Sebastian Braun

INSPIRED & INSPIRING. Labs, Studios and Workshops for Creative Minds

  • NOMA Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark (GXN)
  • Terra Cotta Studio in Điện Bàn, Vietnam (Tropical Space)
  • Design Technology Block, St. James School in Ashford, UK (Squire & Partners)
  • Painting Studio Nagoya, Japan (Ryohei Tanaka / G architects studio)
  • Agentur Jung von Matt in Stuttgart, Germany (Bottega + Ehrhardt Architekten)

Creativity is the impulse and prerequisite for countless occupations, in which the interplay between craft and thought generates something new. These innovations need space – an inspiring environment for creative inspiration and productive flow. “Inspired & Inspiring” showcases the most extraordinary spaces and buildings that inspire the creator through artful interior design, or stimulate ideas and focus the mind through minimalist architecture. In addition to workshops and studios from classic creative fields such as graphic design, photography and architecture, the sites of recent trends such as food labs or fashion workspaces are also presented in this volume. Along with an original mind and artistic talent, these exceptional spaces play a fundamental role in generating a successful creative outcome.

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