INFOGRAPHICS. Designing and Visualizing Data


INFOGRAPHICS. Designing and Visualizing Data


di Wang Shaoqiang

Infographics - Designing and Visualizing Data is a selection of works that showcases the innovative techniques used in the latest and freshest infographics, drawn from a wide range of fields of interest: advanced data-related works that push the boundaries of visual imagery. The designers of these infographics show us the world from different perspectives — data visualization has no fixed approach or form of expression. The creative possibilities are endless and linfographics has a very long and promising future ahead.

> Wang Shaoqiang is a professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China), where he is dean of the design, visualization and animation department. He is a prolific editor, whose titles focus on international design, architecture, branding, communication, trends and culture, and the editor of Design 360° magazine and Asia-Pacific Design. He has been invited to lecture at numerous universities, design academies and organizations, and he has also been a jury member for China’s most prestigious design and illustration awards.

Foreign Policy Design (Preface by) is a team of idea makers and story tellers who help clients develop their brands through the creative and strategic deployment of traditional terrestrial and digital media channels. Helmed by creative directors Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin, the group works on a smorgasbord of projects, ranging from creative/art direction and design, branding, brand strategy, digital strategy and strategic research to marketing campaign services for fashion and lifestyle brands, fast-moving consumer brands, arts and cultural institutions and think-tank consultancies.

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Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9788416504923