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a cura di Adam Caruso - Helen Thomas

A transformation occurred in the work of Michael Hopkins and Partners during the 1980s and 1990s. The five urban buildings explored in this book reflect this transformation particularly well. Hopkins, relatively unknown outside Great Britain, presents his perspective at that time in this first publication of his lecture ’Technology Comes to Town’. The lecture is supplemented by building studies from five contemporary European architects. Essays by Adam Caruso and Helen Thomas examine the British scene that shaped discussions surrounding twentieth-century architecture’s fundamental questions of technology, style and context. The presence of these themes in Hopkins’s architecture is revealed through survey drawings and Hélène Binet’s new photographs of the buildings.

- Contributions by Adam Caruso, Helen Thomas, Michael Hopkins, Reem Almannai, Victoria Easton, Bernd Schmutz, Florian Summa, Paul Vermeulen
- Photographs by Hélène Binet
- Designed by Moiré

Veste editoriale: Cartonato
Formato: 24x32
Pagine: 216
Immagini a colori-b/n: 83
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9783856763923