di Isabel Grüner in Kooperation mit dem Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus

HEALING ART. How art in Hospitals promotes Healing

How art can make a contribution to the “healing environment” is shown by the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart with a Germany-wide unique and pioneering
art concept.

Whether it is seriously ill patients in the intensive care unit, visitors in the public corridors or employees in sterile functional areas: each is stimulated
in their own way by the total of 48 artistic interventions.

The description of the many approaches and possible effects of the art projects realised at the Robert Bosch Hospital during the period 1998-2018 is supplemented by specialist contributions from the fields of art, design and corporate philosophy.

They open the topic of an interdisciplinary approach and offer a view towards the future potential of healing art in an international context.

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Isabel Grüner (born 1963), art historian and cultural manager, after professional positions in the gallery and museum sector, has been the art officer at the Robert Bosch Hospital since 2001.

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