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di Christine Nickl-Welle - Hans Nickl

How can architecture contribute to healing and recovery? And how do our surroundings – both built and unbuilt – influence our prospects of staying healthy?

This title addresses the development and design of spaces for hospitals and other healthcare institutions, how they are perceived, and their overall impact on combating illnesses. This volume presents in detail the principles of this field of study and all the major issues involved, using a range of international projects as illustrative examples. 

In order to present a comprehensively interdisciplinary analysis of the subject matter, architects, medical practitioners, economists, artists, urban planners and communication scientists discuss the various aspects of ‘Healing Architecture’. This book thus makes an important contribution to achieving an architecture that is attuned to people’s needs and helps to promote the recovery process.

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Formato: 23,5x23,5
Pagine: 344
Immagini a colori: 228
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013

ISBN: 9783037681404