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di Aditi Ranjan - MP Ranjan

HANDMADE IN INDIA. A Geographic Encyclopedia of India Handicrafts

  • Handmade in India examines all aspects of Indian handicrafts - historical, social, and cultural influences on crafts, design and craft processes, traditional and new markets, products, and tools - unravelling a wealth of knowledge

Based on extensive fieldwork and research, this work maps out the regional crafts identified across the country on the basis of prevailing craftwork patterns. It is closely woven with images to reveal the array of crafts in India, enabling the reader to discern subtle, sometimes unusual, differences in the same craft practiced by distinct regions or communities. Some of these are well known, like the woodwork of Kashmir, blue pottery of Jaipur, and the bamboo craft of Assam. The authors also describe lesser-known crafts like stitched boots from Ladakh, paintings from Jharkhand, and tinsel printing in Ahmedabad.
With its extensive photography, this unique volume will be a tremendous resource for product and textile designers, artists, architects, interior designers, collectors, development professionals, and connoisseurs alike.

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Anno: 2020

ISBN: 9780789210470