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a cura di Phineas Harper - Markus Bogensberger - Haus der Architektur

GESTURES IN TIME. Architecture Yearbook Graz Styria 2019

"In a world of instant push notifications, 24-hour news cycles and endless economic growth, speed is king. Carving out space to draw breath amid the melee has become a precious luxury. In architecture, the patient steady hand of careful craft and creative acts of restoration are growing rare. But what if speed isn’t everything? What if the scenic route is more enchanting than the most direct? What if taking it slowly is sometimes more stimulating than getting it over with quickly?

This book features the winner and another five outstanding projects from the 19th Architecture Prize of the Land Steiermark. They are as engaging and diverse as the region — from a tiny sliver of riverside to one of the most visited Basilicas in the Catholic world. From architects taking their first steps, to those at the very height of their careers. From the Mur valley to nearly a kilometer above sea level. The stories these projects tell describe a different way of doing architecture. They speak of agents of social equity and cultivators of culture and the spirit above economic goals. In a world addicted to speed, the careful gestures in time of Styria’s richest architecture show what is possible when we slow down." Phineas Harper

British architectural critic and curator Phineas Harper selected six projects from the 19th Architecture Prize of the Land Steiermark, including the winning design, for the fifth volume of this yearbook series. The projects celebrate reparation, long-term relationships between architects and their clients, slow and collective efforts in configuring space, and the architecture of many small gestures in time. These range from a new residential building with innovative material science by Nussmüller Architekten and a modest extension to a Benedictine abbey by Reitmayr Architectekten, to PENTAPLAN’s spacious apartment block and an eye-catching river monitoring station by miniform.

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