GEOFFREY BAWA. 33d Lane/Lunuganga

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GEOFFREY BAWA. 33d Lane/Lunuganga

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GEOFFREY BAWA. 33rd Lane Colombo, Sri Lanka 1960-98 / Lunuganga Bentota, Sri Lanka 1948-98 (Residential Masterpieces 07)

A representative figure of architecture in Sri Lanka Geoffrey Bawa was a virtuoso in the art of crafting a ‘paradise’. The works that he created until his death in 2003 have been an inspiration to architects not only in Sri Lanka but throughout Asian countries. Born in 1919 Bawa was a crossbreed, an embodiment of Sri Lanka’s history at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. This publication focuses on two of his own houses: his regular house in Colombo and his country house in Bentota.

- Edited and Photographed by Yukio Futagawa

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