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This instalment features thirteen projects and design collaborations by various architects, located in Japan, Australia, and Peru. From the sweeping curves of Chenchow Little’s Glebe House and the open elegance of Twin Set by Welsh + Major, both in Sydney, to the multi-layered interior of Kazuyasu Kochi’s Strip House in Aichi, the outdoor-indoor aesthetic of the House in Tarumi (Hyogo) by Yo Shimada, the hard-edge orthogonal forms of the House in Toyonaka (Osaka) by Shinatro Fujiwara + Yoshio Muro, and Casa M6 with its cleverly “excavated” volume in Punta Hermosa, Peru, by Barclay & Crousse, it is an impressive showcase of new residential architecture from around the Pacific.

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Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9784871402163