GA DOCUMENT 145: JEAN NOUVEL - Louvre Abu Dhabi

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GA DOCUMENT 145: JEAN NOUVEL - Louvre Abu Dhabi


‘GA Document’ presents a detailed look at Jean Nouvel’s recently completed Louvre Abu Dhabi. Poised between desert, sky, and sea, the stunning double dome, 180 metres in diameter, incorporates a horizontal, perfectly radiating geometry. It is both a calm and complex place, with the dome as a traditional element of Arab architecture that primarily acts as a protective canopy, offering a cool haven of dappled light during the day and a shining oasis at night. On the interior, 8,600 square metres of exhibition spaces and museum galleries reinforce the structure’s palatial dimensions, all with state-of-the-art materials and technologies that provide optimal climate control and shading.

This is the special issue featuring Louvre Abu Dhabi through a whole book.
Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by Jean Nouvel, has finally opened on November 2017 after around 10 years. GA DOCUMENT 145 contains powerful photographs of this long-awaited building. Furthermore, an interpretation of Louvre Abu Dhabi, based on a long interview to the partner architect of this project, Hala Warde is also included. From the masterplan, details of dome structure to the interior, it gives a more in-depth overview. All of them are must-see!

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