FRANK O. GEHRY. Gehry Residence

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FRANK O. GEHRY. Gehry Residence

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FRANK O. GEHRY. Gehry Residence, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A. 1977-78, 1991-94 (Residential Masterpieces 20)

Frank O. Gehry’s house in Santa Monica, California, caused a sensation in the architecture world in the late 1970s. Considered a landmark achievement in architectural history, the audacity of forms and manipulation of materials he applied in the extension and remodelling of an existing ordinary house are a direct manifestation of his own personal methodology. Cheap industrial materials supplement the retained vernacular bungalow design, introducing a complex relationship of tension and attraction. Photographed by Yoshio Futagawa and including sketches for the second remodelling in 1991–94, our fascination with the Gehry residence is here brought to life once more.

- Text by Yoshio Futagawa / Photographed by Yukio Futagawa

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