FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. Monograph 1887-1959 (12 Voll.)

A.D.A. Edita Tokyo Co.

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. Monograph 1887-1959 (12 Voll.)


a cura di Yukio Futagawa

Thanks to the kind cooperation of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation we have been able to compile, for the first time in history, the complete works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Of the 12 lavish volumes, volumws 1 through 8 are monographs which comprehensively survey Wright's known buildings and projects through photographs, drawings and text. Volumes 9 through 11 illustrate the development of Wright's genius through preliminary studies and sketches of pivotal works. Volume 12 comprises 200 renderings which have been carefully selected to convey the essence of Wright's drawings.

Frank Lloyd 'Monograph' - The Complete Works 1887-1959 - Softcover 3rd Edition (1991) Edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa. Text by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer. Published by A.D.A. EDITA, Tokyo.All 12 volumes of the magnificent 'Monograph' softcover edition, with notations by Taliesin archivist Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer. Encompassing thousands of sketches, plans and renderings, carefully photographed and annotated in detail, 'Monograph' is the definitive collection of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Long out of print, this is a rare opportunity to purchase the complete set in like new condition, and will be a valuable addition to the collection of any architect, design school, library or enthusiast.I received this as a Christmas present over 20 years ago, thumbed through the first volumes and put all the books back in boxes where they have remained. Aside from a few fine brush marks on some of the covers, and lines from the ends of the soft cover "jacket folds", the entire set is basically in brand new condition.Note Regarding Shipping: Please note, given the weight of this set, shipping will be $50 UPS Ground Domestic U.S. only. EBay would not allow setting the rate this high in the system, so disregard the formatted shipping information.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. It is important to me to have satisfied customers from my auctions. I will give positive feedback on successful completion of the auction, and would appreciate the same.Thanks for looking!

- Photographed by Yukio Futagawa
- Text by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

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Vol.01: Monograph 1887-1901

Vol.02: Monograph 1902-1906

Vol.03: Monograph 1907-1913

Vol.04: Monograph 1914-1923

Vol.05: Monograph 1924-1936

Vol.06: Monograph 1937-1941

Vol.07: Monograph 1942-1950

Vol.08: Monograph 1951-1959

Vol.09: Prelimininary Studies 1889-1916

Vol.10: Prelimininary Studies 1917-1932

Vol.11: Prelimininary Studies 1933-1959

Vol.12: In His Renderings 1887-1959