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di Chris Van Uffelen


  • Porsche Pavillon in Wolfsburg, Germany (Henn)
  • House in Nada in Kobe, Japan (Fujiwara-Muro architects)
  • Marseille Vieux Port, France (Foster + Partner)
  • Squish Studio on Fogo Island, Canada (Saunders Architecture)
  • Liyuan Library in Beijing, China (Li Xiaodong Atelier)

Pure shapes, simple lines, clear geometry – minimalism focuses on the necessities. It places emphasis on a plain and obvious message rather than on superfluous details. A steel wave suggests movement and rapidity, plain glass introduces transparency, large openings are sources of space and light – refinement has become the new means of expression. Each single detail becomes significant and a key element of the project.

Shape, material and consistency exclusively at the service of function – the result can be admired in these extremely innovative and honest contemporary buildings, which reveal minimalism as an attitude aiming at abstraction, functionalism and purification.

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Formato: 24x28
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2014

ISBN: 9783037681640