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di Christopher Payne
  • Detailed assessment of a complex subject, updated to include 300 new colour illustrations
  • While French furniture dominates this work of reference, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Flemish, Polish, Dutch, Russian and Scandinavian examples are also included

The sheer range and complexity of the subject of European furniture makes it impossible to adequately evaluate in anything less than this detailed and lavishly illustrated work.

Europe in the nineteenth century was a region of great political and industrial change, so it was inevitable that the period would be responsible for a wide variety of different styles. The European furniture scene at this time was dominated by France, where the aspirations of the two Napoleons to recreate France's earlier grandeur helped to promote French fashions all over Europe. In addition, other influences filtered into Europe from Turkey, Africa, and the Far and Middle East, having a notable impact on design and decoration throughout the century.

Although this period saw the advent of mass production, it was a highly creative era - often leading to bizzare results, as designers vied to produce new styles. Each decade also witnessed the manufacture of the excellently crafted and beautifully designed pieces which are so sought after and appreciated today.

The original edition of this book has become a standard reference work for auctioneers, dealers and collectors alike. Now significantly revised and expanded, with over 300 new colour illustrations, this classic work discusses the complexities of European furniture produced between 1830 and 1910, providing information and insight as well as a visual record of some of the best examples of the period.

Contents: Colour Plates; Definition of Styles; France; 'Franglais'; Germany, Austria and Switzerland; German Cabinet Makers, Designers and Retailers; Iberian Peninsula; Italy; Low Countries; Flanders; Holland; Dutch Marquetry; Details; Ottoman Empire; Russia; Scandinavia; Marble; Bronze Doré (Ormolu); Woods; Major Nineteenth-Century Exhibitions; List of Major International Exhibitions; Bibliography.

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> Christopher Payne is the son of a Leicestershire antique dealer, brought up with a background in traditional English furniture. The family business, started by his grandfather in 1901, made and restored furniture, and Christopher spent as much time as he could in the workshops. After university, he joined Sotheby's as a porter, subsequently becoming the director and auctioneer responsible for furniture and decorative arts from 1830 to1930. His twenty-five-year career at Sotheby's gave him an unprecedented grounding in what was, at the time, the largely uncharted territory of later European furniture, and he has become one of the world's leading experts in this field. Travelling and lecturing worldwide, including China, Christopher has acted as a freelance consultant to private clients since 1994 and continues to appear on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow. His published work includes François Linke 1855 1946: The Belle Epoque of French Furniture and Animals in Bronze, Reference and Price Guide.

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