ENTASIS 1996-2015 (2 Voll.)

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ENTASIS 1996-2015 (2 Voll.)


Architecture that its designers justifiably refer to as “decent”

The Danish architectural office Entasis stands for a practice that focuses on people and dispenses with sensationalism. The award-winning structures designed by the small team of architects, which range from the entrance to a zoo to residential care centers, are marked by their high quality and pronounced materiality. Entasis’s design for the new district of Carlsberg on the premises of a former brewery in Copenhagen received a great deal of attention and won an international competition: a multifunctional and active district that reintroduces, even intensifies, density as we know it from the medieval city - a density that maintains a human dimension, is sustainable and enables close encounters between people. In terms of design, the monograph orients itself toward the office’s demanding aesthetics and presents documentation on the most important completed projects. Atmospheric photographs by Jens Lindhe capture the feel and the essence of the buildings.

Text(s) by Christian Cold, Gert Wingårdh, Carsten Thau / Graphic Design by Pernille Scheuer

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ISBN: 9783775740272