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di Jonathan Hale

ENDS MIDDLES BEGINNINGS. Edward Cullinan Architects

"Ends Middles Beginnings" looks at the entirety of ECA's work, starting from the 1950s, but with an emphasis on recent and current projects. Charting the influences of this key architectural practice, the book also traces how ECA have continued to inspire architecture debates around public and private space. Including unbuilt designs, work in progress and specifically commissioned sketches by Cullinan himself, the book represents an exclusive insight into ECA and their unique approach to architecture. Featuring detailed descriptions of seminal buildings, such as the Knox House and the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, alongside engaging discussions about composition, classicism, technology and critical regionalism, "Ends Middles Beginnings" is a must-have for anyone interested in architecture and the built environment.

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Anno: 2005

ISBN: 9781904772170