EN BLANCO 29: The Times of Miralles

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EN BLANCO 29: The Times of Miralles


En Blanco joins in the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the death of the architect Enric Miralles with a special issue dedicated to revisiting some of his most significant projects, in which exposed concrete plays a decisive role. This retrospective view is proposed in two stages: the first based on the work designed and built together with the architect Carme Pinós, and the second developed in collaboration with the architect Benedetta Tagliabue. 

As a result, issue #29 of En Blanco proposes a reflection on the materiality of exposed concrete in the design of public space, but also on the role of time in the conception, execution and civic appropriation of the architectural project in the work of Miralles.

Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 23x28
Pagine: 150
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Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2021




Joan Moreno Sanz

EXORDIUM. What’s going on In the architecture of Enric Miralles? The space that isnever entered
Josep María Rovira Gimeno, Carolina B. García-Estévez

Carme Pinós

1983-1994. New Igualada Cemetery. Or how to build elastic time
Arturo Blanco Herrero

1986-1994. The Boarding School in Morella. Building a place, tracing movement, recording time
Daniel García-Escudero, Berta Bardí i Milà

Benedetta Tagliabue

1992-2002. The Parc dels Colors. Journey – Viatge 20(20)
Alfonso Javier Gómez Raby

1999-2006. The Campus of the University of Vigo. Atlantic Acropolis
Diego García-Setién Terol

EXERGUE. The temporal structure in the work of Enric Miralles
José Manuel Barrera Puigdollers

VALUES. Navigating in time. Notes on Enric Miralles’ approach to work
Montserrat Bigas Vidal, Lluís Bravo Farré

EXPERIMENTATION. Enric Miralles and his design process
Salvador Gilabert Sanz

DÉNOUEMENT. Instruments of reflection
Catherine Spellman