EL CROQUIS 200: Studio MUMBAI 2012-2019

El Croquis Editorial

EL CROQUIS 200: Studio MUMBAI 2012-2019


Studio Mumbai (> Biography) is an Indian architecture firm founded and headed by Bijoy Jain. But it is also a team of architects, engineers, carpenters, and masons that excels in blending Indian and Western cultures. This monographic issue takes stock of the studio’s production from 2012 to the present, from its most recognised works, such as Copper House II and the Ahmedabad Residence, to more modest projects like the Ganga Maki Textile Studio in the Himalayan foothills, MPavilion 2016 in Melbourne, and a winery extension in the south of France. The issue also features handmade furniture shown at Maniera gallery in Brussels, which draws on universal materials and traditional Indian craft.

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Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 25x34
Pagine: 376
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Lingua: E-GB
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9788412003420



It’s About Architecture,
But it’s not About Architecture
Copper House II
SOLO House
Two Office Towers, Zhengzhou
Sandeep Reddy House
Carrimjee House
Ahmedabad Residence
Hôtel du Couvent de la Visitation
Saat Rasta Houses
MPavilion 2016
Maniera Furniture
Ganga Maki Textile Studio
Yamashiroya Community Centre, Onomichi
Extension of the
Domaine De Beaucastel Winery
The Fabric of Reality