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di Dorian Lucas

ECOLOGICAL BUILDINGS. New Strategies for Sustainable Architecture

  • Shilda Winery in Katheki, Georgia (X-Architecture)
  • Cabin Klein A45 in New York, USA (BIG Architects)
  • Sky Green in Taichung, Taiwan (WOHA)
  • Eneco World HQ in Rotterdam, Netherlands (Hofman Dujardin)
  • Vietnam Pavilion in Milan, Italy (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)

In contrast to a decade ago, when ecological architecture was considered a luxury, it has now become essentially impossible to build without considering sustainability issues. Aspects of ecological balance have become an important part in the planning and construction process. In recent years, a canon of standard methods and possibilities has emerged to achieve this goal of environmentally friendly architecture.
However, there are architects whose ideas and techniques for sustainable buildings go beyond the standards that have now been established and are sometimes also mandatory. This publication discusses such new and innovative solutions for ecological construction. The author presents projects from all over the world that stand out from the standard measures and concepts and point the way to the future.

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