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a cura di Frank Rolf Werner

ECKHARD GERBER BAUKUNST. Bauten und Projekte 1966-2013

Eckhard Gerber is one of the most renowned contemporary architects. Over a number of decades he has created a wide range of public and private buildings that meet the highest architectural standards, despite their simplicity. Spectacular major projects in Europe, Asia, and Arabic countries have consolidated Gerber’s reputation as an architect with international acclaim. Many of his works have been awarded architecture prizes. This monograph encompasses outstanding buildings from all his creative phases and illuminates their relevance in terms of history and architectural theory. Projects not yet built and a complete index of works round off the comprehensive monograph, edited by the architecture historian Frank R. Werner.

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Formato: 24,5x31,5
Pagine: 302
Immagini a colori: 175
Lingua: GB-D
Anno: 2015 (2013)

ISBN: 9783868592658