DOING. Red Dot Design Yearbook 2018/2019

RED DOT Edition

DOING. Red Dot Design Yearbook 2018/2019


di Peter Zec

There are lots of ways to be active - and for each of those ways, there are design products to enhance your experience that little bit more. Doing 2018/2019 compiles the best design innovations and new design developments from the area of activity. In these roughly 400 pages, you can find award-winning products for your garden, leisure, sport and play, but also for children and babies. In addition the book will introduce you to fashion and lifestyle products with design value. The Doing 2018/2019 manual provides all those interested in design with a fascinating overview of current products and future innovations. As a result, this book is not only compulsory reading for designers, design students, marketing experts and product managers, but also an unparalleled pleasure for design enthusiasts.

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Lingua: GB-D
Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9783899392043