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di Chris van Uffelen

DESIGNING ORIENTATION. Signage Concepts & Wayfinding Systems

  • Nicolette District in Minneapolis, USA (Pentagram)
  • Narita International Airport Terminal 3 in Japan (PARTY)
  • MCI Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (Bloomint Design)
  • King's Cross Plimsoll in London, UK (Holmes Wood)
  • Northern Beaches Hospital in Sydney, Australia (Frost Collective)

The purpose and primary function of wayfinding and signage design is to provide spatial orientation as quickly and clearly as possible. Respective concepts and systems can be designed for individual buildings, for example corporate headquarters, museums or hospitals, for areas such as a university campus or distinct municipal district, or for entire systems like a city's public transport. In addition to communicating direction, the interplay of typography, pictograms, materials, colors and shapes in these systems also delineates a particular identity of the location.

On the basis of international realizations this title shows the range of different approaches and implementation possibilities of environmental graphics. No matter what kind of spatial context, the focus is always on visual communication that is understandable for every user. This volume is an indispensable reference work for anyone involved in communication, as well as for architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and indeed creative minds of any sectors.

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