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DENSITY PROJECTS. 36 New Concepts on Collective Housing

Density projects contains 36 ideas on collective housing that are committed to increasing density. They are projects that propose savings in land use and, consequently, a more sustainable environment.

The design strategy of the authors, the implementation in the context and the development of the housing typologies are analysed and compared by themes, following the path begun by the a+t series dedicated to Density. The projects, in phase of development or execution throughout 2007, are characterised for favouring densification through good architecture. Many of them include other uses besides residential uses in their programmes. This contributes not only density, but also intensity to their respective environments.

We believe that the combination of different functions inside the same project is the key to the regeneration of the consolidated city and for the creation of new urban nuclei and that collective housing in this context of mixed-use, generating a dense built environment, is the only solution to the consumption of resources.

Presented here are recent collective housing projects - in phase of development or execution through 2007 - that are characterised by their use of densification models in combination with good architecture. Many of the projects incorporate other uses, alongside residential ones in their programmes. This contributes both to density and intensity of use in respective environments, in turn creating new urban nuclei and providing a solution to strained resources. Fully illustrated with plans, diagrams and elevations, ‘Density Projects’ includes works from the likes of; BIG, Jean Nouvel, Kohn Pedersen Fox, MGM, No.MAD, Stephen Holl, Studio Gang Architects and VMX architects.

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