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di Malene Lytken

DANISH LIGHTS. 1920 to Now

Lamp design is a eld that continues to attract great attention, from both designers and design a cionados. This is the rst book to focus exclusively on Danish lamps. With Poul Henningsen’s iconic PH-lamp as its point of departure, this book tells the stories behind 100 Danish lamp designs through text and images. Danish Lights – 1920 to Nowintroduces the reader to the inventions that enabled the rst revolutionizing light sources: from the development
of oil and gas lamps to the culmination in the late 19th century with the advent of incandescent light bulbs and Scandinavian functionalism.

Lighting is a key element in ‘hygge’ – a warm, cosy ambience – and although Henningsen was a functionalist to the core, he still found the concept of hygge important.

Hygge is a hot topic today, both in Denmark and abroad. Danish lamp design is not only about form. Although hardcore functionalists called for form to follow function, and function alone, real-life factors required them to compromise, and this compromise came to de ne Danish lamp design: hygge is a crucial quality that has to be included in the design. Thus, the purpose of the modern Danish lamp was – and is – not only to provide light but also to act as a decorative element and to spread a cosy ambience in Danish homes.

Malene Lytken holds a PhD in Design and teaches design at both the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and People’s University of Copenhagen.

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