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CONTEMPORARY INTERIORS. A Dialogue with the Classic

Contemporary interiors are as much a reflection of personal taste as they are of the time period we live in — a balance between internal and external influences. What was in vogue 10 years ago is often seen as out-of-date or passé, while the classic style of 50 years ago may reappear, integrating with our modern sensibilities. This volume examines the variations, encompassing commercial and residential interiors from East to West and all points in between. Incorporating minimalist tendencies with baroque details, ethnic artifacts and rustic flourishes, designers sample from many styles and cultures to provide their seamless visions. Deliberate use of color, lighting and texture provide for numerous contextual variations and moods. Includes hotels, restaurants, designer showrooms, offices, converted churches, houses, apartments and more.

A Dialogue with the Classic: Contemporary Interiors presents a combination of the nostalgic romance and people’s needs in modern life as well as a simple yet classic new style. It is fashionably modern without losing its class and grace. There reflects the aesthetic and cultural taste in the post-industrial era. Each interior design project in this book follows strictly the new classic style. In this book, readers can experience various contemporary interiors designs from different cultural backgrounds.

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