H.F. Hullmann


di Joachim Fischer

This work presents an insight into important developments in 21st-century concrete architecture. International examples clearly illustrate the possibilitiesthis building material provides

This volume gives a most impressive insighl how important the composítion and structu a materia! such as concrete actually is. This becomes especially clear when considering that by changing the structure the same materia] can make an entirely different impression. Alongside visual perception, haptic qualities also offers an immediately palpable aspect.

Ambitious architects have used concrete as building material since Antiquity. Malleable, durable and stable-this 'liquid stono' has proven to be the ideal design medium. No other materia] is as diverse or multifaceted. Almost every week, news of a spectacular new building built from concrete is announced. Yet, reports of the manifold possibilities of this building material do not limit themselves to buildings. In the past years, manufacturers have increasingly promoted the development of new methods and products, which, in turn, have been used by architects, designers, civil engineers and artists. Concrete is currently used for a variety of highly sophisticated objects and buildings; indeed, many surfaces, structures and constructions now exist, despite having been previously deemed impossible build. 'This publication offcrs insight into the most important current developments in concrete architetture and the interaction of construction and architectural expression. Select examples demonstrate the unique potential of concrete, highlighting the most cutting-edge design trends as well as works ofbéton brut architecture. The examples, sorted according to architects and designers, present multiple perspectives. In this way, the malleable potential of this essentially shapeless material, the variety of architectural possibilities, and the influente of the digital world on the development and production of concrete are exhibited. Specifically significant are those aspects that are of decisive importance to perception. such as the very last inches that show the visual and haptic appearance of concrete. Everyone has a different image of concrete; everyone defines it differently. What remains are a variety of projects. which in their own way can be more or less spectacular. Concrete is a natura! material with equally monumental and subtle variances. It is now up to our readers to discover the diverse possibilities of concrete!

Veste editoriale: Brossura
Formato: 18x23
Pagine: 288
Lingua: GB-F-D
Anno: 2008
ISBN: 9783833147456