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di Ico Migliore, Mara Servett

  • Competition between brands has become increasingly intense so designing displays with brand promotion in mind is extremely important
  • This book covers a wide range of projects, providing a well-curated selection of ideas
  • Will inspire designers and brand owners who are planning on attending an exhibition

Exhibitions are places where businesses exchange trade and ideas, making exhibition displays a vital means of brand marketing. Designing stands is a discipline of its own: designers must produce a holistic interpretation of a brand within a short time, using limited space and resources. This book shows readers a selection of excellent exhibition stand design projects for home brands, electronic products, and daily necessities. It explores how these exhibition stands promote their brands' reputation.

Not only does this book provide inspiration and spread the word about this niche area of brand design, but it promotes the featured commercial products too.

> Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, Migliore+Servetto Architects, with an international team of architects and designers, conceive projects characterised by an expressive use of light and new technologies. They have been awarded many international prizes, such as the XXI (2008) and the XXIII (2014) Compasso d'Oro ADI. They are both teachers at the Politecnico di Milano where they work with Achille Castiglioni. They are also visiting professors in Japan: Ico Migliore is based at Tokyo Zokei University and Kuwazawa Design School di Tokyo, while Mara Servetto lectures at Joshibi University di Tokyo.

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