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COLLAGE. Make the Impossible Possible

Collage is such a flexible artistic medium that no matter what skills you master and what materials you use, you will be able to create amazing collages.

All the things we know in drawing or painting, such as perspective, color, and composition can be thrown away.

The only limitation is your imagination. This book traces collage as a technique back the ancient China, as an artist pursuit to the 20th century when Cubists established its utmost position in modern art and Surrealists pushed it forward to depict the subconscious world, and as a way of teasing during the Pop Art movement.

For beginners, this book also includes a whole section for collage creation and displays a large number of collage works.

Selling Points:

  • Collage History and Collage Creation are elaborated with abundant historical Photos and Drawings
  • Articles on handmade and digital Collage written by Hugo Barros and Julien Pacaud
  • Interviews with well-known Collage Artists, Bryan Olson, Sarah Eisenlohr, Steve Hockett, and DR.ME, sharing their inspiring Thoughts on Collage
  • Display of Collage Works categorized into Art, Graphics, and Fashion

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Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9789887849391