COHOUSING INCLUSIVE. Self-Organized, Community-Led Housing for All

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COHOUSING INCLUSIVE. Self-Organized, Community-Led Housing for All


di id22: Institut für kreative Nachhaltigkeit

a cura di Michael LaFond - Larisa Tsvetkova

Experimental dwelling forms—CoHousing Cultures—are entering the mainstream. But to what extent are they accessible and affordable for all, including people with more or less money, with or without refugee experience, with or without disabilities? Collaborative, social housing initiatives are already developing such diversifying, sustainable neighborhoods, and are not only supported by civil society, but also increasingly by apartment providers such as cooperatives. 
This book contains critical reviews of model projects representing a colorful, European movement, complemented with photos and drawings. Short texts argue how political and financial conditions can be improved to better realize collaborative housing. Finally, a range of voices offer unconventional and promising strategies.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 21x27
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Lingua: GB-D
Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9783868594621