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di Mathias Albrecht Amann - Roland Züger
a cura di Roland Züger

CARSTEN LORENZEN. Boligbyggeri / Housing DK-DE

| A Scandinavian take on residential architecture: Danish architect Carsten Lorenzen

Only a few notable architectural firms are special­ized in residential architecture. Carsten Lorenzen (* 1953 in Tønder) has a wealth of experience—rang­ing from subsidized housing to private complexes, from the conception phase to the execution of de­tails. The use of brick gives his buildings a striking, haptic quality. Working with exposed stonework is an involved process that requires precise planning and an exact knowledge of the stonemason’s craft. A sensitive design of intimate interiors within dense­ly built settlements and subtle transitions between public and private space are other definitive aspects of the architect’s work, which draws its inspiration from Nordic housing and leading figures such as Arne Jacobsen and Kay Fisker. This first monograph presents some 25 projects and ideas that have been planned or constructed since 1996. Essays describe the special challenges posed by brick construction, the quality of Lorenzen’s floor plans, and the archi­tect’s relationship to Copenhagen.

[D-GB Edition: 9783775738422]

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ISBN: 9783775739337