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CARAMEL. Forget Architecture, Schätzchen

Caramel architectural office was founded by the architects Günter Katherl (*1965), Martin Haller (*1966), and Ulrich Aspetsberger (*1967) in 2002. The office’s motto is: For each project a new!

Most construction contracts result from successful bids for both national and international competitions. Some projects were also awarded with prizes, e.g. 'reklamebüro', 'Einfamilienhaus h', the Kaps farm extension, or the temporary info shop for European Capital of Culture Linz 09.

As one of the major offices – and no longer as a 'young architectural office' but with a noticeable number of high scale buildings - Caramel Architects coin the Austrian architectural landscape.

Now we have caramel in book form. 99 projects – buildings, designs, studies, art and actions, castles in the air and hot-air balloons. glossy pictures to leaf through, texts that no-one, except architectural critics, wants to read? not likely! architecture tells stories. exciting, wistful, unusual or even quite mundane ones. high time to also present it this way. and to write about it this way, so that it is a pleasure to read about architecture. for everyone who has a roof over their heads. everyone who lives. a revolution? right, nothing less than that.

- Texts from: Friedrich Achleitner, Anne Bennet, Sybille Berg, Markus Binder / Attwenger, Roberto Yañez Honecker, Doris Knecht & Otto Lechner

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