CAMO MANIA. New Disruptive Patterns in Design


CAMO MANIA. New Disruptive Patterns in Design


di Viction Workshop

No longer relegated solely to drab or muted earthtones, camouflage is undergoing a renaissance as designers experiment with new patterns and color palettes to create fresh and unexpected results for a variety of applications. With traditional elements or new figurative or abstract iconography and in every color of the rainbow, from black and white to the primaries, day-glo colors and pastels. Much of the work is commercial in nature and includes the very best in packaging, promotion, fashion and furniture design. Other artists take it to the streets with stunning murals and installation art. All are surprising in the way they take an otherwise tired trend and completely rejuvenate it with talent and enthusiasm. Prepare to be disrupted!

Originally discovered in the fabric of wartime uniforms and intended to abstract the shapes and colours found in nature, camouflage clothing once secured the powerful symbols of solidarity, patriotism and masculinity. However, today, camouflage is much more than just that. Dislodged from its historical context and relocated into the boundless world of art and fashion, it has proven to reveal more than conceal. 

Camo Mania explores the incomparable workings of visual art, fashion and design to redefine and reify the impacts of camouflage. Its versatility lies in the hands of these creative artists, who through experimenting with visual contrasts, imagery, composition, colour and shape, render the once limited function of this pattern into an artistic tool that transcends possibility.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 18,5x25
Pagine: 256
Immagini a colori-b/n: 500
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9789887774648