C3 393: Evolving Pavilions

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C3 393: Evolving Pavilions


C3 393: Evolving Pavilions / Blurring the Boundaries. Work and Live in the Digital Era

From follies in parks to hosting events in prestigious locations and buildings, pavilions offer a great opportunity for architects to reflect upon the notion of space, visitor experience, and the role of the architectural components in the project as a whole. A selection of projects explores the relationships between pavilions and their contexts, and illustrates how the typology is evolving, becoming more dynamic, flexible, and lighter. Included are the Naoshima Port Terminal by SANAA, Kéré Architecture’s 2017 Serpentine Pavilion, and the Mpavilion 2017 by OMA. Additionally, this edition looks at special projects that reflect the blurring of boundaries between working and living in the digital era.

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