C3 390: A Concrete Renaissance

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C3 390: A Concrete Renaissance


C3 390: A Concrete Renaissance / Re-Living: New Residential Models for NYC / Recycle and Reuse

This instalment takes a closer look at the “Concrete Renaissance” trending in architecture today, where the increasing popularity of exposed concrete and its versatility as a structural medium are producing some eye-opening compositions. The section features houses by Manolo Ufer, Kubota Architect Atelier, and Office KGDVS, in addition to the Bosjes Chapel in South Africa by Steyn Studio and the U Retreat in Korea by IDMM Architects, among other projects. New residential Models for New York City by BIG and Herzog & de Meuron are also presented in this issue, along with a feature on “Recycle and Reuse” that presents four exemplary projects in sustainable development.

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