C3 364: MUSEUM. Spatial Journeys

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C3 364: MUSEUM. Spatial Journeys


C3 364: MUSEUM. Spatial Journeys / Japanese Urban Dwell. Inside-Outside -Inside

Two main themes are covered in this issue: the experiential journey between art, space, and architecture expressed by new museum buildings, and the particular symbiosis found in the modulation of public and private conditions seen in Japanese contemporary residential architecture. Highlighted projects in the first category include MuCEM by Rudy Ricciotti, Astrup Fearnley Museum by Renzo Piano, Aspen Art Museum by Shigeru Ban, and Wilkinson Eyre’s Mary Rose Museum. The second theme, which especially explores the relationship between designer and client, features works by Suppose Design Office, Jun Igarashi, UID Architects, Hiroyuki Shinozaki, A.A.TH., and more.

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Anno: 2014
ISSN: 2092-5190-364