BUILDING BERLIN Vol.6. The Latest Architecture In and Out of the Capital

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BUILDING BERLIN Vol.6. The Latest Architecture In and Out of the Capital


a cura di Chamber of Architects Berlin

  • Holistic Living in Berlin, Germany (GRAFT)
  • House of Martin Luther’s parents in Mansfeld, Germany (Anderhalten Architekten)
  • SOHO Bund Shanghai, China (gmp)
  • Zalando Event Space in Berlin, Germany (Bruzkus Batek)
  • PAQ, Paris Quai Henri IV, France (LIN Labor Integrativ)   
 A newly revived building boom has again turned Berlin into an exciting place of experimentation in contemporary architecture. The city’s controversial high-rise developments, ingeniously designed floor plans in residential buildings, landscaping influenced by social and ecological considerations and creatively conceived monument conservation projects are followed with great interest across the world. Discussions among both experts and the general public are geared towards reaching an understanding regarding which projects can be called successes and how these buildings contribute to the life of the city.
This volume presents the most interesting works both within and beyond the German capital designed by Berlin architects. This carefully curated selection is complemented by essays on selected themes, elaborating on the specific Berlin aspect in the international context: A discussion of the adaptation of intelligent house automation for private dwellings, the integration of climate protection into industrial areas, or the collaboration of architecture and art.

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