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di  James Eyre

BRIDGING ART & SCIENCE. Wilkinson Eyre Architects

As one of the leading architectural practices in the UK, Wilkinson Eyre Architects have designed buildings and bridges that have caught the imagination of people throughout the world. Their work shows an innovative approach to design which challenges new technology and materials while retaining an artist's perspective.
This book looks at the philosophy and inspiration behind the work of this architectural practice. Rich in visual images, the book is complemented by perceptive essays written by Chris Wilkinson and James Eyre, which explore themes as diverse as identity, geometry, sustainability, lightness through form, and responsivity. Passionate about what their buildings look like and how they feel inside, the authors review in their entirety 27 projects that range from cultural, corporate and educational spaces to bridges and transport projects - a fascinating insight into the key issues that are driving the architecture of today.

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Anno: 2001

ISBN: 9781861541536