di Wang Shaoqiang

BRAND ADDICTION. Designing Identity for Fashion Stores

Brand Addiction is a compilation of visual-identity systems designed for fashion stores. The projects that it features take into account every decorative detail, from labels, stationery, wrapping paper, bags, and boxes to color schemes, furniture, and accessories. As elements that contribute to a brand’s identity, these items are essential to the fashion industry and can be used to appeal to consumers’ search for belonging and passion for purchasing. Brand Addiction features over 80 extraordinary projects that are packed with fantastic ideas for branding and interior design and that are drawn from across the fashion world, from start-up labels to well-known brands, and from clothing and shoe stores to jewelry and eyewear shops.

> Wang Shaoqiang is a professor and graduate supervisor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China). He is a prolific editor whose titles focus on international design, architecture, branding, communication, trends, and culture, and he is also the editor of Design 360° magazine and Asia-Pacific Design. He has been invited to lecture at numerous universities, design academies, and organizations, and he has been a jury member for China's most prestigious design and illustration awards. Mr. Wang is also director of the Guangdong Museum of Art and professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Arts and Humanities of the Macau University of Science and Technology. 

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