BRAND #54: Come and Wrestle


BRAND #54: Come and Wrestle


BRAND #54: Come and Wrestle. Designer VS. Hanzi

The Issue 54 of BranD magazine uses “Come and Wrestle: Designer vs. Hanzi” as title, aiming at providing readers with the design thinking and application of Hanzi. The process of type design is just like a wrestling match, in which type designer can learn a lot. There is a competition between the typeface and type designer besides their relationship of teachers and friends, which is like a contest. This issue presents the existing rules and design methodology of Hanzi from the perspectives of knowing, designing, and using Hanzi. Five chapters are included in this issue: ①The Offense and Defense Between Traditional and Modern Typefaces; ②Heavyweight: Flexible Combinations; ③Freestyle Competition; ④Win by Technical Superiority; ⑤Dazzling Arena. Highlight 1: Design, Typeface and Wrestling ①Wrestling Area on the Cover Inspired by the visual effect of wrestling area, the editorial team of BranD makes the cover as a wrestling area by using the three colors of wrestling mat: red, yellow and blue. The names of the designers who had interviews in this issue are printed on the cover by embossing. ②3D Paper Wrestling Area To better present the element of wrestling , the editorial team of BranD makes a 3D paper wrestling area in the title page. Two random stickers of wrestlers are attached in each magazine for readers to paste on the paper wrestling area as if there is a wrestling match carried out. ③Stickers of Wrestlers Each chapter in the magazine is correspondingly combined with an illustration of wrestler created by the British artist, Mr. Woody Woods. The seven illustrations are specially made into fun stickers and two of them will be attached to each magazine. Highlight 2: In-depth Interviews with Celebrated Type Designers There are various discussions upon design methodology and application scene of Hanzi with celebrated type designers: Sammy Or, Yin Qiu, Grace Yang, Zhiqian Li, Eonway Ying, Rong Chen, Archer Zuo, Linqing Yang and Andy Zhou. Highlight 3: Font Combination Skills of Hanzi: More than 60 Projects are Included in the Issue There are various ways to present the same text in different application scenes. In this issue, more than 60 global projects are presented to explore the combination skills of Hanzi with readers. Highlight 4: Two exclusive and limited shaped cup mats printed with “摔” (meaning “fall” or “wrestle”) are given away along with each magazine.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 22,5x29,5
Pagine: 200
Immagini a colori-b/n:
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2020 (Novembre-Dicembre)

ISSN: 2226-6542-054

ISBN: 9789887406860