BRAND #50: I Want to Set up a Studio


BRAND #50: I Want to Set up a Studio


BRAND #50: I Want to Set up a Studio 

Many people are looking forward to setting up their own studio. Studio attracts our eyes with its bold creativity and young way of thinking. It is commendable to be able to find a design studio that meets the balance between popular trend and personal aesthetic. The theme of BranD’s new issue is “I Want to Set up a Studio”. BranD has invited 17 designers from different design studios at home and abroad to discuss how to switch their role between business operation and art creation so as to make sure their artistic freedom while not to conflict with business.

Highlights of Issue 50:

1. cover: BranD × Woshibai

The illustrations on the cover of Issue 50 is collaborated by the editorial department of BranD and illustrator Woshibai. The cover presents a picture of editors of BranD who work in the universe. Woshibai customized the exclusive illustrations for each member in the editorial department of BranD.

2. creativity of the cover

In order to increase fun of the cover, BranD selected a 270g pale gray paper named Lunar Crater for the cover. Combined with the illustrations created by Woshibai, the paper increases the three-dimensional sense of the cover.

3. contents

-BranD has invited 17 designers and illustrators from different studios all over the world to have interviews. Through 105 Q&As, they discuss how to create a space where they can express freely.

-A part in Issue 50 is about the introduction of toys that 9 designers put in their studios. The 9 designers introduced those “energy containers” to the readers one by one.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 22,5x29,5
Pagine: 188
Immagini a colori-b/n:
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2020 (Marzo-Aprile)

ISSN: 2226-6542-050

ISBN: 9789887406792