BRAND #37: Just My Type


BRAND #37: Just My Type


A bimonthly English-language magazine tailored for both established and emerging Brand Design professionals around the world. Published in Hong Kong and distributed internationally since 2012, [BranD] informs and influences a wide range of designers and initiatives with the latest top Brand Design cases, concepts and trend leading visions. Every issue showcases a world of around a hundred designers and initiatives with coverage across VI, BI and MI elements of Brand Design.

Six highlights in this edition:

1. This edition collects works of more than 60 typefaces works in both Chinese characters and Western letters to show infinite charm.

2. Google Fonts, Monotype, justfont, Founder Type, DynaFont, Hanyi Fonts,VMType helps predict future trends for typeface industry.

3. Masayoshi Kodaira, Yoshiaki Irobe, Aaron Nieh and Ryu Mieno lecture on how to create your own typeface style.

4. Mr. Torinoumi Osamu from Japan and Mr. Zhiwei Zhu from China address six keynoted questions in typeface design.

5. Juicy! We include the key extract from the book From a character to a book: Chinese Typography by well-known Chinese book designer Mr. Xiaoxiang Liu. Only by knowing the grid system can designers build a future.

6. WOW! This time we give out cool animal masks and the typeface posters published by Fontsmith, for free!

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 22,5x29,5
Pagine: 200
Immagini a colori-b/n:
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2018 (Gennaio-Febbraio)

ISSN: 2226-6542-037

ISBN: 9789887849438