BRAND #36: Life Manual 2. Creativity Heat


BRAND #36: Life Manual 2. Creativity Heat


Cultural and Creative Economy

In recent years, the topics of “cultural industries” and “cultural and creative industries” are very popular. But in the United States, the concept of “cultural and creative industries” is not existed yet. All products made by creativity are intellectual property. For example, paintings, songs, dances, TV shows and radio programs are copyrighted and can not be copied without permission. So they basically called the relevant industries “copyright industry”. And many countries differ on how to name it. For example, the British and Korean call it “creative industries” and others in Europe call it “cultural industries”. What is the nature of cultural and creative industries? In fact, It is a kind of “creativity economy”. Its core competitiveness is one’s own creativity. The “differences” and “characteristics” inspired by originality are the foundation and life of the “cultural and creative industries”. Atkinson and Court clearly stated in 1998 that the new economy is the knowledge economy, while the creativity economy is the core and driving force. The Americans have already issued a declaration that “The era of capital is over and the era of creativity is here.” After figuring out what the industry is, I would also like to announce that we are going to take action to welcome the gift that has been given to us of this time. Because we are using the originality all the time!

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